February Book Wrap-Up – Month of Love

February was the month of love and I spent a great majority of time reading one too many romance novels. Lol, but seriously, I think I’ve read enough romance books this past month to last me until about May when I want to continuously be in my feelings. If you’ve watched my last YouTube video (linked here) you know that I’ve been in a book slump & in trying to get out of it, I’ve been reading different genres of books, and I can tell you now…romance is not for me, at least not back to back.

Still love it but can only read it sparingly [as I continue to add more POC centered romance to my TBR :)…abeg mind your business lol]

Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson: I absolutely loved this book …..six kids are sent into this ARTT (short for “A Room to Talk”) where they’re allowed to talk openly and freely. We learn about their struggles & fears. We’re reminded that kids (no matter the age) see and feel things, they might not have the vast vocabulary to explain it all, but they see it and their feelings should be validated and understood.

  • This book made me feel the feels…….going through and reading the student’s journey in the ARTT room made me laugh, cry, and everything else in between. You see them go from strangers…..looking at each other like wdf when placed in this ARTT room……to friends and trusted confidants……and that was a very beautiful journey to experience.
  • It reminds me of the importance of friendship and having someone who hears and sees you. We can’t do this thing called life alone, it’s way tooo burdensome.

If you’re looking for a new author to read or get into, I seriously recommend Jacqueline Woodson, as her writing style is simple but gripping, captivating, and timeless (granted it was only released two years ago, I still find that what she wrote about is still relateable today). Jacqueline Woodson gets it, she simply gets it & Just Like “Red at the Bone” I’m left wondering what happened to the characters after the fact…..I hope they’re doing well.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren: This book was simply cute. I was able to enjoy this book after the unnecessary “fake enemies” banter which was all caused over a misunderstanding that could have been avoided if they just talked (rolls eyes) but I digress, I’ve read enough romance books to safely conclude that adults just don’t communicate, which is a bummer. But besides that, this book was cute and I think I might recommend it. I dunno, it was cute.

The Breakdown:

  •  Enjoyed the quick Witt, humor, and Olive’s family dynamic
  • This book gave me “10 things I hate about you” vibes, so if you loved or even liked that movie then this book will be right up your alley.

Spoiler-ish?: I’m annoyed that no one took Olive seriously, like yes she’s a pessimist but I never got the impression that she was a liar. Even people admitted that she was honest …….so for both her sister and Ethan to just discard was a bit infuriating (even if she is a Debbie-downer)

The Right Swipe: A Novel by Alisha Rai: was decent….. but I made the user error of listening to it after “The Wedding Date” which I disliked, so this book didn’t really have a fighting chance with me, but I still pushed through the best way possible. However, I absolutely LOVED the vast character representation in this book, as it wasn’t forced or trying to meet some “diversity” quota. It felt authentic. I personally wouldn’t re-read this book, but I would read other books by this author

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory: If you liked this book, please politely block me back (I kid, I kid…but like not really). Long story short, this book started off promising and cute…two strangers meet in a hotel elevator, get stuck, flirt a little bit, and then one helps the other by being their wedding date (hence the title). From there they continue to flirt and see one another, without ever having a conversation about what they were doing or where they expected things to go *insert my frustration* The big fight (& honestly all the arguments in this book) could have been avoided if the two main characters JUST SPOKE TO ONE ANOTHER. Like that’s it, that’s all they had to do, was communicate, like adults competent of having stable and healthy relationships…….

  • and golly-jeeze was the plot predictable.


Why are all the men in romance books buff or some form of a gym body, who appear to be happy with their bodies, but the women seem to have body issues or what have you? Like, can I get some regular sized women, who don’t have big boobs, who don’t care about their thighs being big, who are probably annoyed with the thigh shaffing but overall don’t care about their size. Women who love themselves and their bodies without being so ridiculous self-conscious that they only learn to love their bodies when met with the approval of a male or partner gaze, like can I get that or better yet where can I find that?

  • Additionally, why are the women ALWAYS SHORT but the men 6ft & above. Like can I get some taller women love interest here? Can someone PLEASE be taller than 5’3? PLS

*sigh* Hopefully, I don’t roll my eyes too much at March’s TBR (to be read)

Currently Reading We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union…already half way through & I’m loving it!!!

Well, that’s all I have for this post……Go ahead & check out another post like my 1st Book Wrap-Up both on my Blog & Youtube (respectfully linked on the words). I’m still trying to find my book niche and I’m still trying to figure things out……..


So till next time,


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  1. Toyeen
    March 18, 2020 / 11:25 am

    You should write a book too, I love reading anything you write, you have a way with getting your message across and putting smile on people’s faces, I’ve not read any of these books but your reviews is making me want to so as to discover what it is in them.

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