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The Lip Bar (known for their fabulous liquid lipsticks) recently came out with their Fast Face Kits, which are 6 curated items with your shade match in mind. These items are supposed to help you do your entire face in 15mins or less. The Fast Face Kit includes a Foundation, Face Palette, Eyebrow Pencil + Gel Duo, an Eyeliner, Mascara, and Liquid Lipstick all for $99

Now, I didn’t get the kit (bc I really didn’t need all of the other items – even though I now wish I did bc ya know FOMO) but I did get the Foundation & Face Palette, which were the two main items I wanted to try anywayyyyyy.

So, in the spirit of the Fast Face, I’m going to attempt to make this review fast (uhh major *spoiler alert* I was not that successful >__< lol, but still we move)

Quick Specks on Foundation:

  • Cost $28
  • Comes in 6 shade families (with 3-6 shades within each family):
    • 6:00 is the darkest; 1:00 is the lightest
  • Comes with a built-in brush, where you pump the foundation from the bottom
  • Has skincare properties such as Hyaluronic Acid
  • Dewy Finish (so you must set if you have oily skin or like the matte look)
  • Safe on sensitive skin
  • Comes in a .68 fluid oz (so not your standard 10z)

Quick Specs on the 4-in-1 Face Palette:

  • Cost $20
  • 4-in-1 Palette includes:
    • Face powder
    • Blush
    • Contour (a.k.a Bronzer for me!!!)
    • Highlighter
  • Scent-free
  • Sensitive Skin approved
  • Each palette goes along each shade family; Ex: I wear 4.05 in the foundation and my face palette is Stuntin’ which is for the 4:00 category
    • So if you’re foundation shade is 5.05, then your 4-in-1 palette would be 5:00 Vogue Fast Face

Now that’s out the way, let’s get into my review of both products……*spoiler* they’re both amazing  🙂 

Minute Finish 4-in1 Minute Face Palette in Stuntin’

  1. LOVE!!!!! Love, Love, Love, ESP. the face powder, I use it darn near everyday!
    • I love it so much that I almost got another one just for the powder lol, but I couldn’t justify it. So hopefully, maybe, they come out with the powder by itself *crosses fingers*

2. Everything is pigmented: the powder, the blush, the contour, and highlight, everythanng

3. The Face powder is so versatile and mixes well with other foundations, which really does help in minimizing the amount of makeup you have to carry/use on a daily basis. But since I use it darn near every day, I’ve already seen it decrease in the pan as the other three shades kinda look untouched loll

4. The powder doesn’t make my face look or feel cakey and neither do any of the other products. The blush provides the right amount of coverage without making me look clownish, unless I intentionally apply a lot. The highlight provides the right amount of blinggggg, and the contour is not too muddy. It truly is the perfect package (but I still want that powder by itself lol)

5. Due to the size of this palette, as they come in small circles, you’re going to need a small buffing or angled brush to swirl the product in before applying on your face

(The outer two brushes is what I use for the palette)

Fast Face Foundation in 4:05

  • Love the foundation, not the biggest fan of the brush, which is weird considering how the brush is one of the major selling points of the foundation .-.  the brush just makes it harder for me to blend out the foundation. Instead of using the brush to blend out my foundation, I use it to just apply the foundation on my face before blending it out using a buffing brush, like Luxie Beauty 532 brush, to blend it out bc the product is stiff but not un-bendable if that makes sense
    • Bc the foundation is thick you need a brush to blend it out, a sponge or beauty blender simply won’t do, since they aren’t firm enough
  • The foundation does not play well with others. For instance, I highlight my under-eyes with the Too Faced concealer and find that it’s sometimes patchy when it comes in contact with the FastFace foundation.
    • It’s not a bad blend but just something that I took notice off, which kinda makes sense since the purpose of this foundation is to help limit the amount of time it takes for you to do your face
    • So, if you do want to do a full face, just make sure you use a hydrating concealer and fine milled setting powder (just make sure they aren’t thick)

Okay, Okay Let’s Take a Breather here *inhale, exhale* 

Whewww, okay we good?……Let’s Get Back to It: Finishing Specs/Cons:

  • Pump-wise (how much foundation you get out), if you have little to no blemishes, One Pump should probably be enough BUT if you’re anything like me and have hyper-pigmentation and blackspots then Two pumps will do you some justice, or at least one & a half pumps
    • I find that one pump of the foundation doesn’t really bring out that much foundation, especially if you’ve already used the brush/foundation the day before, hence the 2 pump recommendations
  • The built-in brush tends to soak up products, but that’s to be expected of any brush, so not much of a deal-breaker
  • You’ll tend to run through this product quickly – esp. if you use it everyday and have to use the 2-ish pumps to cover up blemishes

This is how the foundation looks when coming out the brush 🙂 

Washing the Built-in Brush:

  • Washing the brush is kinda tricky, since the foundation pumps through the brush, it feels as though you’ll never really get it clean, clean as the foundation tends to seep out of what was remaining before you wash the brush; even if you rinse the bottom of the brush that’s connected to the tube, it’ll still have some remaining foundation left after you’ve washed it.

(1st two pics is how the brush looks when freshly cleaned, last picture is what the brush looks like once dried – I guess the remaining foundation seeped through the hole or tunnel that it comes out from to the brush – I use Dial Gold Bar Soap)

In Conclusion:

I do recommend both products, but, if you only had $30 (must account for shipping cost lol), I would def. recommend picking up the 4-in-1 Face Palette over the foundation. BUT, if you’re in need of a new foundation and are constantly short on time, then I highly recommend getting both. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Hereees me in the foundation 🙂 The last picture is how I look 95% of the time when trying to get ready for work. Also don’t mind the poor lighting bc also at work when those photos were taken. Gottaa make do with what ya got ya know.

Both the foundation and the palette can be purchased below:


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