First Book Wrap-Up of 2020

Hey ya’ll, Deee here, just wanted to share some of my fall book wrap-up. I read some good books last year & I hope to keep the spark alive with both the books in my book haul & TBR section. So without further ado, I present to you my book wrap-up 🙂

Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  • I truly enjoyed this book, it was short, sweet, and straight to the point. The recommendations did not seem fluffy or too “feel good”. Like I can see myself re-reading sections of this book for whenever I prepare to have a child. Heck, I can apply some parts of this book now as a single woman.
    • I definitely would recommend this books – even if you don’t have a child or planning on becoming a parent, I think this book has some nice gems/suggestions that seem possible to implement. Not something big and far stretched
  • Here are my Favorite Takeaways:
    • Reject Feminism Lite (Pg. 20) it’s either you believe in the full equality of women as whole human beings or you don’t. Full stop.
    • Teach your daughters to reject likability. Teach her to fight for what is hers and not worry so much about being “liked”
      • As a girl, you don’t have to be likable, nope, you just must be kind, nice, honest, and the most authentic version of yourself at all times.
      • My Most Favorite Takeaway was the segue into teaching your daughter/child about consent, especially when a child takes away her toys. She doesn’t have to accept that, if she didn’t give another child permission to have her toy then she can take it back!!  Which I think is a great way to start teaching a child early on about consent and permission
    • Your body is Yours and you owe it to no one!!! No need to use it as means of getting and sustaining affection – be comfortable with saying no, especially when that No feels right
    • Please name body parts correctly! Don’t give it cute names (i.e. cookie, the box) that only the family knows or you and her know, no, teach her the correct and age appropriate universal names for body parts, which will allow for easy conversation of when something is wrong (especially if someone is taking advantage of your child, you want her to be able to go to a trusted and safe adult and say “so and so is hurting my (insert appropriate name)” so that the adult will know and be able to take action, if necessary.

Red at the Bone by  Jacqueline Woodson

  • 10/10. OMG ……I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! This was my most favoritest book of 2019!! Ughhhh just get this book …….GET IT!!
  • Lol, but a rapid review. This book takes on the short journey of an inter-generational black family tied by a teen pregnancy. At the start of the book, you think you’ve decided who you hate and who you love but as you go further into the book, your heart aches for each family member……. and by the end of the book, you’re in tears (well at least I was).
  • Each chapter provides you with an in on every family member, which helps to explain why they do certain things, as we go through histories.
  • I’m probably not even explaining this correctly or convincingly but this was such a good book, such a good book that I wanted and needed to read more books by Jacqueline (& did haul for future reads)
  • Be warned that the ending of this book will have you in tears. I truly felt for every character in this book and just wished they had more time, more time to talk, more time to figure things out, more time to hash things out among themselves, and just more time in general. But sadly, like we’ve all possibly learned in life – time waits for no one.

Daughters Of Nri (The Return of the Earth Mother) by Reni K Amayo

  • Recommend if you like/liked/read/want to read “Children of Blood & Bone” since this gives the same vibe
  • But on its own this book is so very well written with lots of beautiful imagery which makes you want to imagine or wonder what the city of Nri would look like if bought to life.
  • The characters were well thought out and I didn’t feel like anything or anyone was lacking. I love Reni K Amayo writing as she pulled me into these characters lives…..I hurt when they went through something unfortunate, I smiled when they did something well, I cheered at their success, while simultaneously wanting to shake sense into them when they did something foolish >.<
    • Reni’s writting kept me intrigued and turning the page for more. I loved this book & seriously can’t wait for part two!!!
  • Some Random Tidbits I Felt While Reading the Book:
    • Their greeting reminds me of the Black Panther salute but I could be wrong here but it gives me those vibes
    • Since the author is Igbo (a tribe in Nigeria), there’s a lot of Igbo words throughout the book, but fret not, There’s a dictionary of sorts at the back that explains some of the slanted Igbo words
    • The Ndu crystal reminds me of the golden snitch from Harry Potter – well at least the description in pg. 306 does lolllll
  • I ended this book with such a smile on my lips but I have a few questions:
    • What happens now?
    • Who will now help train the ladies?
    • How do they explain all that transpired to the people? To themselves? The kingdom? Whew where’s part 2, I need it like now
    • Also Obi Ife, we need to talk young sir because you are a bastard of an idiot

So there concludes my fall wrap-up, hope you all enjoyed it. What are some books you’ve finished this season? Have you read any of the books mentioned above, if so, what are some of your thoughts? I’m so looking forward to bringing you all more book Wrap-Up’s, Hauls, and Reviews !!

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as I finish and read more books.

Ooooo and since you’re here, go ahead & check out my other recent Book Haul :). Be sure to stick around for more awesomeness……


Till Next Time,


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